Several Pieces to Be Completed at Will


Site-specific installation at the Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL.

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Photos: Tom Van Eynde

Several Pieces to Be Completed at Will

1.    (plant and watering can) 

Giving water to a plant at your discretion and knowing that the plant, by reflex, will silently and invisibly lift the water upwards from its roots to its leaves 

2.    (mirror)

Exhaling to release a bit of water vapor from your body and watching the vapor condense on a mirror


Electing not to release any water vapor from your body by holding your breath and watching your reflection in the mirror

3.    (water fountain)

 Taking a sip of Chicago City Water, but choosing not to swallow it, walking a quarter mile to the east, and spitting it back into Lake Michigan

4.    (rubber ball)

Doing absolutely nothing as water evaporates and is passively consumed by every breathing organism in the room

5.    (freezer with ice cubes)

Taking water in a self-contained state and allowing it to melt in your hand so that it is no longer in a self-contained state, but is contained in your palm

6.    (coconuts)

Deciding whether or not it is worth it to go through considerable effort to retrieve a small quantity of water from a coconut